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Color sits deep in our DNA, we're very keen on getting involved early in the process; from script through tests and look-creation to color grading and QC. 

All tied together by calibration provided by in-house certified staff so we know that all our projectors and screens are getting you the most correct view possible.

Our colorists can handle a wide variety of projects from feature films and episodical to commercials, and with multiple remote solutions they are available to work anywhere. 

Suite Specs

Suite Specs

Technical Details

- 4K Projection in both Stockholm and Gothenburg

- SDR/HDR in both Stockholm and Gothenburg with Dolby Vision certification

- Remote live-grading

- Dolby and Flanders monitors

- Christie and Barco projectors


Cinema  Grading Stage - Gothenburg

120 m2

Seats for 30 people

Grading Suite 1 - Gothenburg

45 m2

Seats for 12 people

Grading Suite 1 - Stockholm
40 m2
Seats for 8 people

Grading Suite 2 - Stockholm
30 m2
Seats for 8 people